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“Sharp” Compares Yukon Denali to Suit-Wearing Dudes

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MICHAEL BASTIAN(!!!) and the GMC Yukon Denali

Michael Bastian and the GMC Yukon Denali
Photo: © General Motors

What does a man in a well-tailored suit with a fancy watch on his wrist and a fresh new haircut have in common with the GMC Yukon Denali? If the following ad is to be believed, the answer is precision.

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“Sharp,” the latest spot in GMC’s “Precision” ad campaign, compares the brand’s Yukon Denali SUV to a guy with a good fashion sense. To emphasize the point, fashion designer Michael Bastian makes an appearance. He’s easily recognizable as one of the guys wearing a nice suit.

This ad follows up (and makes about as much sense as) the “Fastball” and “Swish” ads, which compare GMC’s vehicles to a good fastball and a well-timed release.

GMC is also promoting the comparison between man and machine with a short film called “The Sharp American,” which will premiere at New York Fashion Week: Men’s. The somewhat-awkwardly-named fashion event will be held July 13th to 16th in New York City.

“Attention to detail, precision and craftsmanship are at the core of the GMC brand and there are obvious similarities between the design of our vehicles and the precision and craft which go into other aspects of premium design,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing. ”We enjoyed exploring these parallels with Michael Bastian and in the film, ‘The Sharp American.’”

Here’s hoping GMC’s next ad compares one of its trucks or SUVs to something like a hot cup of coffee or a fresh brisket.

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