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Shelby GT500 Super Snake Signature Edition: Going Out Swinging

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Shelby GT500 Super Snake Signature Edition

Shelby GT500 Super Snake Signature Edition

The next-generation Mustang is now the current-generation, meaning that the fifth-gen is now the previous gen; basically, the 2015 Mustang is now the PS4 and the 2007-2014 models are the PS3. But don’t get it twisted: those old ponies still have a fair amount of juice left in them, particularly if you so happen to be one of the lucky 50 to turn your last-gen Mustang into an ultra-rare, 850-horsepower Shelby GT500 Super Snake Signature Edition.

“The Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake has become one of the most exciting and desired cars in the world since we introduced it in 2007,” said Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “With production of the current generation GT500 ending, we wanted to commemorate the sunset of an important era. This Shelby truly changed the automotive landscape and inspired the performance competition that continues today. It’s a car worthy of being honored with a very special limited edition Shelby. The package can only be ordered available for a limited time, so ownership puts a person in a very elite club.”

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He’s not kidding about the elite part: Shelby will only put together 50 of these bad boys, and the clock strikes midnight on the offer January 31st.

In order to get your own Shelby GT500 Super Snake Signature Edition, you’ll need a base or better 2007-2014 Ford Mustang and $44,995 of disposable income to outfit your vehicle with the following:

  • Forged Weld Wheels with Signature Edition center caps
  • 6 Kenne Bell Supercharger
  • Shelby Performance cooling package inclduing a new radiator, heat exchanger, and aluminum cooling tanks
  • Improved rear brakes
  • Commemorative Carroll Shelby signature air bag cover decal from the Carroll Shelby Foundation
  • Stripes in any current color offered by Shelby American
  • Super Snake Signature Edition vehicle badges
  • Unique CSM number on interior and engine plates
  • Signature Edition floor mats

In addition, you’ll also earn a day of track testing to fully push the Shelby GT500 Super Snake Signature Edition to its limits.

If you want one, you might want to act fast. Before you think about trading in your old pony for a new one, you might want to consider all the games that you could play in this beast.

News Source: Shelby American