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Shell Partnership Extended as Hyundai’s Exclusive Oil Supplier

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Shell Partnership Extended as Hyundai's Exclusive Oil Supplier

Shell is on a roll. After revealing a contract to become BMW’s exclusive oil supplier starting in 2015, Shell Lubricants has announced its decade-long arrangement as Hyundai’s exclusive oil supplier has been extended for another five years.

The partnership between Hyundai Motors and Shell will ensure the lubricant supplier will be the automaker’s preferred aftermaket product for Hyundai vehicles around the world. Hyundai customers in over 70 countries will continue to see Shell-branded oil products in Hyundai service centers, ensuring the optimal lubricants are used on the Korean-made vehicles. That means Quaker State, which is owned by Shell, will continue to be the recommended line for customers in North America.


Hyundai-Shell Partnership Will Bring Quality Oil to Customers

“This agreement with Shell is broad in scope, supporting the needs of our global aftermarket supply chain, as well as giving rise to new technical collaborations and joint marketing initiatives,” stated Tak Uk Im, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Hyundai Motor Company.

Hyundai Motors won’t just be receiving oil from Shell. The lubricant company will also be working with the automaker’s engineers to develop innovative lubricant formulas to match the fuel efficiency and performance needs of Hyundai’s vehicles. The pact will also produce consumer satisfaction programs and a winning collaboration in FIA World Rally racing.

“It [this agreement] allows us to create value for both parties through deeper collaboration–be it in products, aftermarket services, marketing or technology,” said Roger Moulding, Vice President of Shell Global Marketing and Global Key Accounts, in a statement. “By leveraging the strengths of the two global brands, we aspire to offer Hyundai customers the best aftermarket care and service experience around the world.”