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Silverado Toughnology Concept Showcases Silverado’s Strength and Tech

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The Silverado Toughnology concept

The Silverado Toughnology concept

The Silverado Toughnology concept is headed for SEMA and is poised to combat the 2015 Ford F-150, which marks the arrival of aluminum-bodied trucks. But the Silverado Toughnology won’t be sporting any aluminum. Instead, GM is touting the Silverado’s pure steel and the strength that comes with it. The General also hopes to show off some of its latest tech endeavors (because that’s what the folks at SEMA are really after), like OnStar 4G LTE with the built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

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“The technology of advanced high-strength steel makes the Chevrolet Silverado stronger, lighter, more capable and more efficient – and that’s exactly what the Toughnology concept represents,” explained Jeff Luke, executive chief engineer. “During the Silverado’s development, we evaluated all materials and chose those that would provide the best strength to support capability while still delivering a strong value to customers. High-strength steel had clear advantages and is a contributor to the overall package that made Silverado the 2014 North American Truck of the Year.”

In other words, Mr. Luke is giving a big middle finger to Ford and saying, “Our trucks are still better.” The official press release seems to do the same, without ever calling Ford out. For instance, it offers this gem, “[High-strength steel] offers significant mass savings at a lower cost than aluminum, which helps keep down the overall vehicle cost.” Translation: “Your move, Blue Oval.”

The Silverado Toughnology concept

The Silverado Toughnology concept houses the majority of its steel under the skin. The steel also extends to the floor of the pickup box (roll-formed instead of stamped). But, despite its jabs at the F-150, the concept also contains a bit of aluminum, in the hood for instance, though GM calls the placement “strategic.”

“We put the best materials to use where they’ll do the most good,” commented Luke. “Every panel, inside and out, is designed to support the Silverado’s capability and carry on its position as America’s most dependable, longest-lasting truck.”

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Special content for the Silverado Toughnology concept includes 22-inch Chevrolet Accessory wheels, a Chevrolet Accessory grille insert, fender flares, tinted headlamp lenses, tubular assist steps, a washable carpet bedliner, and a soft, folding tonneau cover.

Photo Source: GM