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Six Finalists of Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge Announced

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Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge

Ford has announced that it has selected the six finalists in its Ford Smart Mobility Game Challenge; and that they include games focused on finding companionship, reducing smog in their city, planning routes, and taking selfies among other things.

The challenge was originally announced at Gamescom in August as a means to communicate the concepts of adapting transportation models to urban modality and the importance of ideas like sustainability and pedestrian awareness. The winner of the challenge will earn a €10,000 grand prize and the opportunity to present their game at the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

Per Ford, the six finalists and their descriptions are as follows:

  • deCommute – a route-planning game, with users competing in teams to reach milestones such as distance travelled, and also earning points for adventurous, energy- and time-efficient journeys
  • ECO Saviour – a multiplayer game that rewards players for reducing smog levels in a virtual version of their city by awarding “pollution points” based on how they travel in the real world
  • Jaunt – an interactive tool that matches users with travel companions for regular commutes and spur-of-the-moment outings, to save money, make new friends, and travel safely
  • moopi – a Smart Mobility Hackathon-winning app concept that enables users to nurture a “moopi” avatar by adapting their journeys to make the most efficient use of the road network
  • SelfieGo – a selfie-challenge app that livens up commutes with a GPS-enabled map that shows the optimal route to take selfies at a city’s major attractions, and enables them to be shared on social media
  • wave-calmer – a Smart Mobility Hackathon-winning concept that turns traffic jams into a game by encouraging drivers to maintain a steady speed using graphics projected on to the windscreen, helping traffic move more smoothly and preventing accidents

The finalists will have until a January 11th deadline to fully develop the games, and the field will be halved in order to present the three top choices and determine the grand prize-winner at the Mobile World Congress on February 22nd.