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Skip The Face Paint Mess With This Nissan App

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Die Hard Fan Nations - Nissan8

I’m ready for Rio!

In case you haven’t heard, the Rio Olympics are just around the corner. Even the most misanthropic of Americans are gathering everything red, white, and blue that they own to cheer for Team USA to bring home a truckload of medals. Nissan is ready to help spectators celebrate and show social media their wild side while staying reserved in person with a new face painting app.

The app, called Die Hard Fan Nations, has been rolled out globally and features more than 2,000 different designs of ‘face paint’ that users can choose to wear. The app was designed in partnership with Critical Mass, an experience design agency with offices all over the world. Similar to Snapchat selfie filters, the app maps a user’s face and then overlays the face paint graphic that moves and responds to user expressions. According to Co.Create, there are up to 20 designs for each of the 206 non-Brazilian nations that are slated to make an appearance in the upcoming Olympic Games. Why non-Brazilian nations? Apparently the host country is so awesome that it will get its own separate app.

Nissan’s Olympic Die Hard Fan Nations app is a spinoff from the original Die Hard Fan app, which allowed college sports fans to paint their faces with school colors and logos. I downloaded the app in The News Wheel‘s office and it was pretty fun, although several passersby thought I was playing Pokémon Go. Almost every nation had an “exclusive” design that tied directly into its flag, and then there are several other designs that simply use a nation’s colors. For instance, since Great Britain, France, and the United States all love red, white, and blue, their face masks all looked pretty much the same. Great Britain and the United States did have distinctive exclusives, with the US set featuring the stars and stripes and the UK list featuring the Union Jack, but poor France’s ‘unique’ one was a tricolor mask that only covered the top half of the face (unlike the full-face tricolor for all three nations).

Every once in a while, you get a Nissan popup to tell you that you make your nation proud, and that you should see the full Nissan lineup online. It’s a small price to pay for such a cool and easy way to get excited for the Rio Games.

News Source: Co.Create

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