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Snow Pile With Wheels Ticketed in Ontario

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Ontario Car

FYI this is not how you clean off a car

After a winter storm, the last thing anyone really wants to do is brush off their car. However, a car not properly cleared of snow is dangerous to both the driver behind the wheel and other motorists on the road. As if that wasn’t a big enough incentive to get to work with a brush and scraper, failing to properly clean off a car can also earn you a pricey ticket.

Ontario Provincial Police recently stopped a snow-covered car driven by an 80-year-old man. When we say that the car was covered in snow, we’re not kidding. Only a small portion of the windshield directly in front of the driver was cleared, with several inches of snow covering the rest of the vehicle. The gentleman told police that he was too old and weak to remove the heavy snow from his vehicle, and since he was only driving a short distance he cleaned off only what he needed to see and headed out.

The police officer who pulled the senior citizen over gave him a $110 ticket and then helped him finish cleaning off his car.

While the picture is pretty funny, the story isn’t quite as laughable, especially as a historic blizzard is bearing down on the eastern United States. If you’re one of the unlucky millions in the storm’s path, please completely clean off your car when you must go out on the road. If you have elderly or disabled neighbors, consider looking in on them and helping them clear off their cars so the police don’t have to contend with another rolling snowball.

News Source: Autoblog