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Snow Shoveling Tips: Clear Driveways and Peace of Mind

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Stay Safe with these Snow Shoveling Tips

Stay Safe with these Snow Shoveling Tips

If you haven’t had to go outside at all during the last several weeks (or unless you’re one of those all-too-fortunate sorts who lives in one of those places that doesn’t get snow, ya jerk), you might not have noticed all of the snow that’s been burying most of the United States beneath a pretty-yet- problematic blanket of precipitation.  One of the least appealing aspects of snow and ice on the ground is the need to shovel the driveway to ensure against slipping and sliding.  Fortunately, shoveling the drive can be a fairly easy task (doesn’t mean we have to like it) if you follow some tips.

According to the National Safety Council, folks over the age of 40 or who are often inactive should be particularly careful when shoveling.  This means that, despite how much he insists that he’s as spry as he was at the Battle of Inchon, you probably shouldn’t try to pass this job off on your ol’ grandpa.  (Though come to think, if you’re the kind who would do that anyway, you deserve prunes in your stocking this Christmas.)

We’ve outlined some of the most important snow shoveling tips to keep in mind below:

  • Remembering to stretch prior to shoveling can be vital, particularly when you consider the fact that this is taxing work.  Hamstrings, back, and shoulders should be loose and ready to work.
  • Also important is your posture: be sure to lift with your legs (and not to over-lift when you have to), keep your back as straight as possible and rely on your shoulders to do most of the work, place one hand in the handle and another near the shovel blade for proper leverage, and don’t twist your body when throwing snow.
  • Did we mention dress warm?  You probably don’t want to be out there in your flannel pajama pants and basketball shoes.  Similarly, you should make sure not to overdress: increasing your body temperature too much will keep you warm but put you at risk of dehydration.  If you feel yourself wearing down, take a break, head inside, and have a spot of hot tea.

When you’re done (and especially if you have kids), follow The Art of Manliness’ advice and use all of that snow to build something cool like a snowman, fort, or a whole bunch of enormous dinosaurs.

Have any snow shoveling tips of your own?  Feel free to leave some for us in the comment section!

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