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Mental Block Returns for Snowkhana 3: YuleTube

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Snowkhana 3

Mental Block is back and doing more cottony burnouts in Snowkhana 3: YuleTube

Mental Block is back and drifting by various YouTube references in Snowkhana 3: YuleTube. Check out the video below and see if you can spot ‘em all:

Snowkhana is quickly becoming one of the most enjoyable parts of the month of December, having surpassed the following:

  • Egg nog
  • Dinner at the in-laws’ house
  • Having your luggage thrown out of the window at the in-laws’
  • Having to find new in-laws
  • Double egg nog
  • Shopping lists
  • Lines everywhere
  • The War on Christmas
  • Dog-sized Santa caps
  • Fruitcake
  • Every Christmas movie starring Tim Allen

Snowkhana 3 went live this week, and it features the trusty 1:64-scale Ken Block-styled Ford Fiesta ST rally car drifting around a Coca-Cola truck while a Stormtrooper and X-Wing pilot shake hands…

Snowkhana 3

“Can you believe that lighsaber had a CROSSGUARD?”

…chasing a Minion while dressed as an enormous spider…

Snowkhana 3

…and passing between two more Coca-Cola 18-wheelers while Buzz Lightyear tries his own version of the most epic of splits.

Snowkhana 3

Buzz should have been voiced by Jean-Claude, if only because that would have killed Tim Allen’s career faster

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If you’ve got 6 minutes to spare, you’ll want to use it on Snowkhana 3. That ought to be enough time to watch the video twice, Google “how to make stop-motion movie,” give up upon realizing just how much time and effort it would take, and then watch Snowkhana 3 again.

Now, if we could just see about bringing back Mental Block a couple months earlier in 2015 by having it drift through a Spooky Town and calling it Spookyhana, we’d be super happy campers.

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