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Someone Please Give Kyle Busch Some NOS

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Kyle Busch NOS

Oh, look! An adoring fan. Wait…

It seems like NASCAR driver Kyle Busch just can’t catch a break. That is, when it comes to getting a can of his own NOS Rowdy energy drink.

After a devastating crash in early 2015 at the Xfinity Series race at Daytona International Speedway, Busch returned to racing just a few months later and had a winning remaining season. This year, the younger Busch brother (fondly known as “Shrub” by big brother Kurt) has been continuing a string of wins at numerous races.

Kyle Busch NOS

Kyle does a burnout to celebrate a win in his #18 NOS car
Photo: Nos Energy

Let’s Get Rowdy!

With all of this success, it only made sense for the makers of NOS Energy Drink to create a Kyle Busch-specific beverage. The NOS Rowdy drink (dubbed so because of Busch’s use of the nickname from Days of Thunder character Rowdy Burns) reportedly tastes “like victory.” With it being a NOS energy drink, I’m sure it really tastes like a crap ton of sugar with a dash of more sugar. Although, some are saying there are hints of the oh-so-eloquent fruit punch flavor inside.

In a series of new commercials, Kyle is seen attempting to promote and sometimes purchase his newly sponsored energy drink. I’m sure he drinks one before every big race.



The Disrespect

But to the dismay of Mr. Busch, he just can’t seem to get a hold of a NOS Rowdy. First, the guy working in the store goes on about how the drink tastes like steering wheels and checkered flags. (I don’t even want to know why that guy knows what those taste like.)


No Hats Allowed

Then a cashier specifically tells him that he can’t pay for the NOS Rowdy with his hat. (There’s a sign, I tell you. A SIGN!)


Let Me Take a Selfie

And finally, just when you think that one of Kyle Busch’s adoring fans is clamoring to get a selfie with Mr. Busch, she goes and takes a picture with his NOS Rowdy and runs off with it!

Blasphemy, I say! Just let the man consume his personally branded high-performance energy drink! I mean, it’s not every day that your favorite NOS-car driver stops you while driving to sign your hat. Let this saint enjoy the thrill of taurine, caffeine, inositol, and vitamins flow through his veins, damn it!


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