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Sonata Design Video Employs Abundant Use of Epic Trailer Music

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Sonata Design Video Hyundai Digital Model 2

In a world…where automobiles take a lot of work to design…

Even before a vehicle begins production, countless hours are spent in a much more grueling and overlooked phase: the design process. This creative endeavor doesn’t get much attention from the public, apart from exciting concept sketches here and there. One brand is out to change that.

Hyundai Motors has released what intends to be, and so far holds the title of, most unnecessarily epic video on car design ever. Employing a heavy use of dramatic orchestral music and CGI images, the Sonata design video might well have been produced by Michael Bay.

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Sonata Design Video Has Action Movie Identity Complex

Sonata Design Video Hyundai Sketches

If you like your like your footage of digital renderings and prototype creation to resemble summer blockbusters, you’ll love Hyundai’s recently-released Sonata design video, which you can see below.

In it, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the four stages of automobile design, as described by the Hyundai Design Center:

  1. Design Visualizing: Using Fluidic Sculpture and orchid stroke philosophy, Sonata designers create an abundance of concept sketches to identify the most promising ideas.
  2. Digital Design: From hand-drawn sketches, 3D digital modelling is used to explore the volume and size of the vehicle in all areas to judge feasibility, including a scale model.
  3. Design Modeling: A hand-crafted full scale clay model of the Sonata is built, painted, and detailed for review.
  4. Design Refinement: Final details are scrutinized, from specific components (headlamps, steering wheel) to overall qualities (colors, materials).

Sonata Design Video Hyundai Color rendering

Unfortunately, it’s hard to take the video seriously with the ridiculously dramatic choral chants of Immediate Music’s “Lacrimosa” (known best for its use in the Spider-man 2 theatrical trailer) or “Dark Empire” by X-Ray Dog (used in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End trailer) setting the tone. At least the Hyundai Elantra design video shows restraint with a passable electronica melody.

Perhaps if this soundtrack were for the debut of a stunning sports car, we could get behind it. But, the brand’s most predictable, conservative sedan isn’t a model worthy of such over-the-top delivery.

It’s unfortunate Al Pacino and Nicholas Cage were too busy to narrate the footage.

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