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South African Racetrack Auction Will Make One Lucky Duck the Coolest Person Alive

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Also, our new best friend.

South African racetrack auction

Your new racetrack

Ever wanted to own, oh I don’t know, a racetrack? Personally, the thought has never occurred to me, but mainly because why would it? It’s not like I can just pop into the racetrack realtor’s office to check out the listings within my meager budget. But now, car racing enthusiasts have the opportunity to bid on an entire racetrack in an upcoming South African racetrack auction. Located just outside Johannesburg, Kyalami racetrack was home to the South African Grand Prix between 1967 and 1985, then once more from ’92 to ’93. More recently, the track was used for World Superbike racing, and for the Super Star series. Most famously, and somewhat unfortunately, Kyalami racetrack was also the scene of one of the worst crashes in Formula One history. The crash in question occurred in 1977 at the Grand Prix, killing driver Tom Price and marshal Jansen Van Vuuren. But don’t let that stop you from achieving your dream.

South African racetrack auction

This is what I might look like while racing on my/your new racetrack.

If you fancy owning your own racetrack, make sure you’re available July 24th to place your bid. There’s no reserve, so you could end up with the bargain of the century. And if you’re outbid, you can at least watch other enthusiasts try to outdo each other for the ultimate prize. Oh, and if you are the winning bidder, make sure you invite us at The News Wheel out to take a spin around the track, since we told you about it and all.

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