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Speeding G55 AMG Driver Revs His Engine to Avoid Ticket

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CopDon’t think the boys in blue can be cool? Think again.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, an unidentified and very blatantly speeding G55 AMG driver was pulled over by an officer, who was probably a tad bit bitter about having to work on Turkey Day. Either this cop was a little too tired to care from all that tryptophan or he was just a genuinely nice gearhead, because the unnamed officer let the speeder off the hook with just the rev of his engine. (Oh, and it might have had something to do with the fact that the cop was an embittered public servant who did not hesitate to share with the driver that he is horribly underpaid as a policeman.)

No, seriously, the cop really let him off the hook. The officer remarked that the G55 AMG was a “nice ride,” and asked, “What the hell is it?” When he learned that it was a $100,000 G55 AMG with a 500-hp engine, and after hearing the engine roar, he walked away smiling with nothing more than a bit of advice: “Do me a favor, and slow down.”

After the incident, the speeding G55 AMG driver took to YouTube with a video of the encounter. When it went viral, however, the speeding culprit removed the video. You’ll have to hop on over to our friends at The Mirror to view it now, but be sure to take that hop back to tell us what you think.

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