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Spoiled Swiss Kid Wants New Ferrari, Sets Fire to Old One

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Ferrari Fire Aftermath

The charred remains of the beautiful Ferrari 458 Italia
Photo: 20 Minutes

When most people want to buy a new car, they scrimp and save until they can afford it–a concept that was recently lost on one Swiss 20-year-old. After recently getting his Ferrari 458 Italia valued, the son of a Swiss millionaire decided he wanted to replace his old Ferrari 458 Italia model with a new one—but he didn’t want to ask Daddy for the replacement.

Instead, he decided to do the next best thing—commit insurance fraud.

The Swiss kid paid three accomplices around $15,000 to set fire to his car, a crime suggested to him by a car dealer. While the kid was at a massage parlor for his alibi, the accomplices took the Ferrari for one last ride, over the Switzerland border into Germany where they burnt the beautiful, beautiful Ferrari to a crisp.

Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

Ferrari Fire

The flames engulfing the Ferrari
Photo: 20 Minutes

To make matters worse, the kid had 14 other cars not including the Ferrari.

Yeah, you read that right. 14. Other. Cars. One of which just happens to be a Lamborghini.

Obviously, he was in a tight bind car-wise and really did need that new Ferrari. Because those cars–plus his $10,000/month allowance and the $30 million in real estate holdings his father gave him–just weren’t enough.

In the end, the conniving kid got 22 months probation and a $32,000 fine, while the three friends he hired got the rough end of the deal with 14 to 16 months in prison.

News Source: 20 Minutes (Translated)

  • Stoptheplanet

    Justice for the rich yet again we see the slanted attitude towards, the rich. He gets off with a slap on the hand…he pays the fine from his “allowance”, and the “friends”?? he hired get hard time. He should get the hard time for setting them up in the first place. If I was his father, I would disinherit him and cut off his allowances etc., but probably there in lies the problem…his parents have not taught him values and morals. This guy will go through life being a tatal A hole and I pity any one who has to come in contact with or do business with this moron!