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Stabbed Spinelli’s Pizzeria Delivery Driver’s Jeep Found in Indiana

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Stabbed Spinelli's Pizzeria delivery driver, Josh Lewis', carjacked Jeep was found in central Indiana

Stabbed Spinelli’s Pizzeria delivery driver, Josh Lewis’, carjacked Jeep was found in central Indiana

Earlier this week, 25-year-old Josh Lewis was stabbed and carjacked while making a pizza delivery at Norton Hospital, which, if you had to be stabbed somewhere, is probably the ideal location for such a thing. Lewis, who works for Spinelli’s Pizzeria in downtown Louisville, was attacked shortly after arriving at the hospital on Sunday, May 4th, around 2:45pm, to deliver a pizza.

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Inspiringly (or stupidly) enough, Lewis managed to deliver said pizza before staggering into the emergency room and falling to ground from a collapsed lung.

During the attack, the assailant made away in Lewis’ black Jeep Cherokee, which bore gold racing stripes and had a light blue trim. Police today announced that the Cherokee had been found in central Indiana, in a town called Lawrence, just 15 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

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Reportedly, the vehicle had been burned, and the suspect was nowhere to be found.

And as strange and saddening as this story is, there is an uplifting side to the tale. The pizzeria for which Lewis works held a day-long fundraiser to support Lewis’ recovery. More than $700 was raised.