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Stanley Cup Gets 100 MPH Police Escort Through Downtown Chicago

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Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane hoists the Stanely Cup in 2010

Chicago Blackhawk Patrick Kane hoists the Stanley Cup in 2010
Photo: Seth Anderson

How many inanimate objects deserve a high-speed police escort through a major urban center?

A briefcase containing the detonation codes to a nuclear bomb, perhaps? A vial containing the antidote to a poison that’s just been released into the city’s water supply, maybe?

How about a big, silver cup?

That’s what happened in downtown Chicago on Monday night, when the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup for the third time in six seasons. According to ESPN, the crew bringing the trophy to United Center got stuck in traffic, so they received a police escort to the arena, which sources say reached speeds of 100 mph (!!!).

That’s the fastest anyone has driven through downtown Chicago since the Blues Brothers raced to Daley Plaza on a mission from God.

Chicago Blackhawks Camaro

They should have used this Blackhawks Camaro for transportation

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Apparently, the bearers of the Cup left their hotel on the outskirts of Chicago right as game six of the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals began between the Blackhawks and the Tampa Bay Lightning. But due to severe weather in the area, they were delayed by multiple detours.

“Mother Nature was not a hockey fan tonight,” said Phil Pritchard, the head keeper of the cup.

(Uh, obviously Phil, she is a hockey fan, and was showing her support for the Tampa Bay Lightning by causing, you know, lightning).

Even though the crew eventually received a police escort, the Stanley Cup was still late in arriving, although no one seemed to mind. If there’s one virtue that Chicago fans possess, it’s patience.

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News Source: ESPN