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Star Wars Fans Rejoice Over New Rogue One Hot Wheels Cars & Starships

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Star Wars Rogue One Hot Wheels Ships TIE Striker X-Wing

If Star Wars: The Force Awakens was any indication, the Rogue One spin-off movie coming this December is a) going to be a ton of fun and b) going to coincide with a flood of tie-in merchandise. Which, as a Star Wars memorabilia collector, is okay by me.

Although limited information has been released thus far, Hot Wheels has announced a couple new toys that will be part of its lineup of Rogue One-themed die-cast scale models. Merging classic standards with new additions, Hot Wheels is on target.

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Hot Wheels Rogue One Collectibles Include New Characters, Ships

Death Trooper Storm Trooper Hot Wheels Character cars Star Wars Rogue OneRogue One promises to introduce many new characters we’re sure to love, while also reviving classic characters we’ve been yearning to see again. Similarly, Hot Wheels is reviving its Storm Trooper die-cast car and pairing it with a brand-new Death Trooper car modeled after the elite military squad debuting in Rogue One. Both 1:64-scale cars–the Death Trooper and Storm Trooper–will be paired in set DXP95, available September 30th for $7.99 SRP.

In addition to cars, Hot Wheels is also known for its highly-detailed Starships replica series. Three of these are debuting this month: a new Rebel U-Wing Fighter (DMP67), and TIE Striker (DRY33) with X-Wing Fighter Red Five (DXM38) in a two-pack.

What’s particularly appealing about these cars and ships is the battle damage on them, reflecting the gritty, war-like style Rogue One looks to emulate.

A slew of other items will also be released leading up to December, including a Death Star Revolution Race trackset and Carships deigned after the TIE Striker, U-Wing, and more. You can bet that these awesome items are going to be hot among kinds and collectors this fall, so start your Christmas shopping early!

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