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Start Your Rallycross Career with This $3,500 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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Craigslist Mitsubishi Eclipse

Buy this $3,500 rally car to start your rallycross career on a budget

Despite the fact that racing is one of the greatest activities out there, it can be pretty expensive—especially if you want to build your own racecar. Just thinking of it will likely make you want to hold on tighter to your wallet.

But what if you could get into rallycross specifically and only spend $3,500 to do it? Sounds like heaven, right?

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Well, now you can. There is currently a Mitsubishi Eclipse up on Craigslist that is raring to go out on your local rallycross course. For the price of $3,500, you can easily become the proud owner of a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse. It was even once a SCCA ProRally car.

At least, according to the owner it was. Whether or not you trust Craigslist dudes is up to you.

The Eclipse is naturally aspirated and comes with a five-speed transmission. It has a full racing cage to keep you safe, skidplates, and a navigator light. Heck, it even has Michelin rally tires mounted on rally wheels. And, if you wanted to take it out on the open road—and off of a rallycross course—there is also a set of four road tires mounted on OEM wheels.

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The seller clarifies that it’s entirely rust-free, has a relatively smooth ride, and drives well. It is street legal, too, but the front differential is locked so you might want to be a bit cautious if you plan on driving it every day.

So really, why are you hesitating? This cheap rally car is a great way to get into the sport on a budget.

News Source: Craigslist