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States With the Rudest Drivers: Is Yours on the List?

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States with the Rudest Drivers Traffic Jam Sunrise City Downtown Buzrael

While metropolitan areas are cited in the top 10 rudest states, some of the highest-ranking ones will surprise you. Photo: Buzrael

Every time you drive through a different state, you probably think, “This place has the worst drivers!” While multiple studies about the actual worst drivers have been done before, has released a new study ranking, based on perceived driving habits, the states with the rudest drivers.

Administered to 2,000 licensed drivers in July 2014, the survey involved equal amounts of men and women, while figuring in census population data.

When asked what habits were perceived as the rudest, the top actions mentioned by respondents were (beginning with highest): talking on a cell phone while driving, tailgating, not signaling turns, weaving in-and-out of lanes, and driving like every road is a fast highway.

Counting up from number 10, we present you with the states with the rudest drivers.


The Top 10 States With the Rudest Drivers

10. Utah: According to residents, Utah drivers all think they’re in a race. Apart from constantly speeding, they don’t signal, don’t let people merge, and blow through yield signs as if they aren’t there.

9. Nevada: Drivers in Las Vegas aren’t just rude, they’re dangerous, and locals see accidents on a daily basis. Many of them are caused by drivers speeding up to squeeze through after lights already turn red.

8. New Jersey: Obviously this would be one of the states with the rudest drivers, partly because they’re known for suffering from such anger (maybe because of their high insurance rates). Chances are you’ve seen people pull into traffic with far less room than they need, or drifting across multiple lanes at once.

6. Deleware (tie): Don’t tell drivers from this state to slow down, or they’ll just give you the finger in the middle of a school zone or local playground. Speeders often reach double what the posted limit is, and won’t get off their cell phones to notice.

6. Vermont (tie): This state not only suffers from some of the fastest speeders, its fatalities are actually on the rise. A local police department installed a radar sign to alert drivers of their speed, but before it could be used, the sign was stolen. Guess Vermont drivers prefer to keep their habits a secret.

5. Massachusetts: Multiple cities in Massachusetts are proud of being one of the states with the rudest drivers. They’re known for gladly going out of their way to block other cars, mess up the flow of traffic, and nearly clipping nearby bumpers– all with a smile.

4. Wyoming: Did you know Wyoming has the highest roadway fatalities per year (source: NHTSA)? Although the habits of these drivers are similar to those mentioned for other states, the results seem to be most fatal here– and yet driving never improves.

3. New York: If you’ve ever visited or lived in New York, you’re aware of the total lack of respect drivers have for each other. Whether it’s blasting headlights in the rear-view mirror, zooming through stop signs, or swerving around pedestrians… it’s all done in expletives and finger-flicking.

2. Washington D.C.: Having already been ranked as the place with the most speeding tickets (source: Driverside) and the worst drivers (source: Allstate), this doesn’t come as a surprise. No matter how fast you’re driving, you’re always in their way. As one resident puts it, “Driving in D.C. can be compared to the recklessness of our politics: self-serving, abrasive and unsafe.”

1. Idaho: We’re not kidding– this ranked as the state with the rudest drivers. Here’s the reasoning: a lot of drivers in this region drive a generous 10-15 mph under the speed limit, which holds up traffic and aggravates those in a hurry. Annoyed drivers will speed around turtle-like trotters and flip them the bird. In the end, all drivers involved are annoyed.

What do you think? Let us know if you think this list accurately reflects the states with the rudest drivers in the comments below!