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Stephen Colbert Does Not Trust Self-Driving Cars

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Self-driving cars are learning how to navigate America’s highways and surface streets as we speak, and they could soon be ready for consumer use. Just last week, it was announced that one company is very close to having a system ready to install on semi trucks that would allow them to drive themselves for stretches so that the driver could rest in the back. However, not all Americans are completely comfortable with the idea of losing control of their vehicles (even though human error is a major factor in traffic accidents).

Outspoken American Stephen Colbert, former host of The Colbert Report and current host of CBS’ Late Show with Stephen Colbert, used his show this week to speak out against self-driving cars in the most hilarious way possible. Take a look at the clip below to see it for yourself.

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On one hand, Stephen makes a very good point about Google’s patent for an adhesive car that would stop pedestrians from flying off of the hoods of cars that may strike them. How exactly would the pedestrian be released from the hood? Would all EMS squads have to be equipped with a special substance to loosen what holds the person to the car?

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Colbert’s reaction to the self-driving semi truck has to be the best part of the segment. He worries about what will happen when we lose truck drivers, not just because it could cost American jobs, but because of the culture that could be lost. Without truckers, he notes, great movies about truck drivers who become arm wrestling champs, like Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top, would never exist.

Sylvester StalloneIt’s worth noting that Stephen Colbert could be anti-autonomous cars because he is a voice for navigation app Waze, which would become obsolete if a car was navigating itself with no driver input. This most recent video is a bit odd, though, as Colbert was fine with the idea of self-driving cars as recently as October of last year. Colbert is a Tesla owner, and when discussing the car’s new autopilot feature months ago, Colbert suggested that it would be great for his agonizing commute into Manhattan every day. Take a look at his original stance in this clip below.

While the technology for autonomous cars might be almost ready to roll out on more American roadways, manufacturers clearly have a long way to go to convince the American public that self driving cars and trucks are a safe and good option.