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“Stop a D-Bag” Movement Meets D-Bag With a Gun

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Stop a D-Bag Gun

You may be familiar with the “Stop a D-Bag” movement taking place in Russia that uses a variety of embarrassing tactics to shame those who park their cars like…well…d-bags. Given the tendency for all things related to driving to turn volatile very quickly, this movement has seen its fair share of hostile responses. But no response is more hostile than the one seen below when a man is told that he should move his van and responds by pulling out a gun.

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Bald Russian Jeff Garlin, despite all of his cocking-and-loading and getting chesty, eventually relents to the group of young men and moves his vehicle from its spot. Chalk up just another victory for the crusaders against douchebaggery.

Comparatively, the rest of the encounters captured in the video are pretty calm. Nobody else pulls out a gun, nobody gets hurt, and nobody dies. Say what you will about Russia and some of the dashcam-captured craziness that goes on over there, but if this happened in America, it’s far more likely that the outcome would have been considerably more tragic.

We’re really looking forward to the next entry in the series, where we sincerely hope that the fellas try to slap a sticker on Rusev’s tank.

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