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Stop What You’re Doing and Look at This Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway Track

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Because even licensed drivers are sometimes still kids at heart

Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway Track

The Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway Track

Remember the slot car tracks from your yesteryears? Maybe you had your own set up in the basement, and all the neighborhood kids would line up to challenge you. Or perhaps you always saw it sat up in the toy store but could never quite convince Mom or Dad to shell out for it. But whether you are reliving your childhood or making up for the one you never had, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on this 1969 Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway slot car track. And for the small price of $85,000, it’s all yours.

Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway Track

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According to Hammacher Schlemmer, which designed the Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway track, the Camaro still has its authentic magnesium Minilite wheels, as well as the lightweight steel body. It bears the #6 on its door (for Mark Donohue, who took the Z28 to a whopping six victories back in ’69), as well as the Penske and Sunoco logos. In a deep blue exterior, the Camaro slot car track comes with 12 slot cars, including a Ford Mustang, a Dodge Challenger, and the Chevy Camaro (obviously).

Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway Track

To build the two-lane raceway atop the Camaro, the windshield, seats, and roof were all removed. The track, made of hand-carved wood, features Glen’s 11 curves, as well as realistic details like the upstate New York foliage, a Valvoline billboard, and advertisements for Goodyear tires.

Gallery: Camaro Z28 Watkins Glen Raceway Track Photos

And since you found this beaut through us, it’s only fair that you invite us over for a few races. We’ll be expecting your call.

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