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Subaru Celebrates 25 Days of WRXmas

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The social media team at Subaru launched its annual 25 Days of WRXmas earlier this month, where enthusiasts can post photos of their own decorated WRXs, just in time for the holidays. The campaign is running across the Subaru Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts and incentivizes people to post the photos, in hopes to be featured by Subaru on its social media channels.

Subaru’s Love Promise: Making the season truly bright

Last year, tons of people participated, showcasing their WRXs dressed up with lights, antlers, and snow. Some owners weren’t in as much of the holiday spirit as others and simply posted a photo of their WRX, sans décor.

Some of our favorite vehicles from this year’s celebration include a multitude of décor and trimmings on their sporty vehicles. Check some of them out:

Decorating vehicles isn’t a new thing for car owners – antlers and red noses usually spring up around this time of year. But you can’t fool us! We know those are cars. There also seems to be a collective hatred for this disguise among some people.

And if decorating your Subie isn’t really your style, then you can always decorate yourself and just get an awesome Subaru Christmas Sweater that features popular models like the Forester and the WRX, like these folks below:

If it’s too late to order one of those bad boys for this Christmas, there’s always next year! We have a feeling Subaru may continue this tradition of WRXmas for many years to come.

Feeling Left Out? Get your own WRX this year