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Subaru Slope Taxi Scales Snowy Summits for Skiers at Shinshu Sugadaira

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Skiers in Shinshu Sugadaira  pose next to a Subaru Slope Taxi

Skiers in Shinshu Sugadaira pose next to a Forester Subaru Slope Taxi

Last winter, Subaru helped skiers ditch the cold ski-lift by giving them cool rides in 2015 Foresters, XV Crosstreks and Outbacks. The Subaru Slope Taxi, as it is called, took skiers at Shinshu Sugadaira Pine Beak ski area up the slopes for free back in February, showing off the all-wheel-drive capabilities of the brand’s SUVs. The whole thing was documented in the short video below:

SUV No.1 Subaru Slope Taxi Video

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Looks fun, huh? Apparently, the promotion was such a success that Subaru will be doing it again this winter, on January 24th-25th at the Shirakabako Echo Valley ski resort, February 7th-8th back at Shinshu Sugadaira, and on February 21st-22nd at Sapporo Teine ski area in Japan.

Those who participate are encouraged to pop into the Slope Taxi 2015 photo booth to take pictures of themselves, which they can then post on social media sites with the hashtag “#SlopeTaxi” for a chance at winning fabulous prizes.

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We’re still waiting for those hovering ski-lifts that Futurama promised us, but until scientists develop those, the Subaru Slope Taxi seems like an enjoyable alternative.

Just 986 years until hovering ski-lifts are a reality

Just 986 years until hovering ski-lifts are a reality

Via: Torque News