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Subaru’s Pet Crate Testing Results Announced

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Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety have announced the results of the 2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Study

Subaru and the Center for Pet Safety have announced the results of the 2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Study

Last month, we announced that Subaru was continuing research with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and consumer advocacy organization, after investigating the safety of pet harnesses in cars back in 2013. This time around Subaru and CPS were looking into the safety and effectiveness of crates and carriers in the event of a vehicle accident.

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The results of the 2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Study saw a number of products on the market completely fail, yet these products are being marketed by companies as safe and reliable. The top three models from the test results include the Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate with 8” Tie Down Straps (2015 Top Performing Crate), as well as the PetEgo Forma Frame Jet Set Carrier with ISOFIX-Latch Connection and the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed with PPRS Handilock (2015 Top Performing Carriers).

Subaru Crate Testing - Gunner Kennel

Gunner Kennel was the top choice for crates

Testing measured how well the crates were connected, as well as their structural integrity during vehicle crashes. These crates and carriers must keep the dogs contained during crashes and must stay secured to the seat or other part of the car to which it is connected. This is for the dog’s safety and for the safety of all passengers, as any projectile object can become a detriment to anyone else in the car.

Subaru Crate Testing

Of course, Subaru did not use real dogs, but crash test dogs that are designed to emulate real dogs

“We at Subaru recognize the importance of keeping the entire family safe on the road, including our beloved pets,” remarked Michael McHale, Subaru’s director of corporate communications. “Alongside Center for Pet Safety, we are proud to help lead the charge in identifying the best crates and carriers for pet lovers everywhere, while, more importantly, making pet parents aware of the safety measures they can take and the dangers that can occur if they don’t. We recommend that owners choose the right sized crate for their dog, which is generally six inches longer than the body of the dog. We are also pleased that our crossover vehicles, which are award winners themselves for safety, accept most crate and carrier sizes.”

Subaru Crate Testing Results

Just hanging out

Subaru’s work is incredibly important, as there are currently no standard protocols to determine whether these pet crates and carriers are actually safe. Technically, manufacturers can make empty claims about the safety of their products without any check systems in place—and, judging by the results of these studies, it seems that several manufacturers are doing just that.

Some products to avoid include the 4Pets Proline Milan, the Mim Variocage, the Ruff Tuff, and the Snoozer Roll Around Travel Dog Carrier. Instead, stick with the three supported by the results. You can see in-depth analysis of the results on the CPS website.

2015 Crate and Carrier Crashworthiness Study

Thanks to this study, pet parents can avoid dangerous crates and carriers for their dogs and cats

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