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Super Bowl Ad for the New K900 Will Feature The Matrix’s Morpheus

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“What if I told you that ad executives from Kia thought that a movie from the year 1999 was still germane enough to our culture (never mind so thoroughly ignored when it comes to pop culture satire) that they wanted to utilize one of its main characters in a Super Bowl commercial…in the year 2014?”

Say all of that in Larry Fishburne’s dulcet tones and you might have an idea of what Kia has up its sleeve in the coming weeks: not only do we now know that it will be the Denver Broncos squaring off against the Seattle Seahawks for the Lombardi Trophy, but we also have an idea of what to expect in the Korean automaker’s Super Bowl ad for the new K900 luxury sedan. Specifically, we can expect to see a lot of Morpheus and long, black leather coats.

The teaser spot, seen above, is voiced by The Matrix star Fishburne, who looks to silence the voices of “preconceived notions” by suggesting that the upstart luxury sedan has everything that those other automakers bring to the table…and more.

The Verge was even so kind as to leak some details of what the Super Bowl ad for the new K900 will entail:

Super Bowl Ad for the New K900


“According to plot details released by Kia, a couple will find themselves face-to-face with Morpheus at a valet stand, where the cyberpunk prophet will present them with two keys — all reminiscent of the character’s classic ‘red pill / blue pill’ scene wherein he gives Neo the choice of staying in the Matrix or seeing the real world. ‘Should they choose wisely,’ Kia writes, ‘their perception of luxury — and Kia — will never be the same again.’”

Matrix purists were already in something of an uproar earlier this year when Agent Smith (played by Hugo Weaving) appeared in spots promoting GE’s “industrial internet” infrastructure. Of course, those who might complain that this undermines the more serious nature of The Matrix are likely also those who all-too-quickly forgot the result of The Matrix’s creators taking it way too seriously.

We’ll be eager to see what Kia’s Super Bowl ad for the new K900 holds, even if the source material is a little dated (and something of a rip-off of a superior Grant Morrison comic book). For all of the latest on the auto industry’s advertising presence during the big game, stay tuned to The News Wheel!

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