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Surprising Celebs That Drive GMC Vehicles

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2017 GMC Lineup

2017 GMC Lineup

When it comes to celebrities, most people would assume that they all drive super expensive, ridiculous vehicles like Bugattis or Ferraris. But that’s not always the case. Some celebs go for more common and affordable brands when it comes to their modes of transportation, including GMC vehicles.

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Josh Duhamel

This one shouldn’t really be a surprise. Back in May of this year, the actor was approached by GMC to star in its #EnlistMe campaign that helps build homes for injured or disabled veterans. Duhamel was featured in a series of videos posted by GMC, learning the stories of these veterans to showcase their bravery.

The Transformers star previously displayed his love for GMC in 2015, with an Instagram post where he and a friend were posing atop the hoods of GMC vehicles. The enamored actor even captioned the photo with, “Real men drive a GMC.” GMC’s social team took advantage of the opportunity and responded with, “We couldn’t have said it better.”

Whether you’re hauling lumber and steel, impressing a business associate or just having a relaxing day on the golf course…real men drive a GMC.

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Rapper T.I. recently gifted his adorable daughter with a battery-powered Mercedes Benz for Christmas, but the Atlanta man is proud of his own GMC Yukon Denali. He posted a photo of himself in front of the matte black vehicle on Instagram earlier this year with the quote, “It ain’t what’s on ya, it’s what’s in ya!!!!”

While his Yukon Denali isn’t a cheap vehicle (starting MSRP at $65,325), it’s still cool to see a celeb show off a brand that us normal folk could also drive.

When it’s More than Music, More than Fashion, It’s truly a Lifestyle. It ain’t what’s on ya, it’s what’s in ya!!!! Stand Up Guys, Solid thru&thru…. Now that’s #DOPE #BankRollMafiaLife #HustleGangOverErrrrrthang

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Clint Eastwood

During a visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Clint Eastwood had a conversation with Jimmy regarding his toughness. Originally, Jimmy stated that most people probably think Clint Eastwood drives a muscle car. But Jimmy said his own suspicion was that he could see Mr. Eastwood driving a truck. “I could drive a truck,” Clint mused. He then confirmed Jimmy’s suspicions by letting him know that he drives a GMC Typhoon with a turbocharged V6 engine. “It’s fast,” says Eastwood.

GMC Typhoon

Eastwood drives a turbocharged V6 Typhoon similar to this one Photo: Arrrghhh

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