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Suspect Fleeing Police Can’t Decide Whether Or Not to Follow Safe Driving Rules.

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There are a few things that police might expect when they are chasing someone – driving through grass:

Gonzales driving in the grass

And driving into oncoming traffic:

Gonzales driving into oncoming traffic

Notice all the arrows are pointing the wrong way.

However, what they probably didn’t expect was his safe use of the passing lane on the highway:

Gonzales correctly using the passing lane

Giving a group of kids on the sidewalk a wide berth,

Gonzales giving adequate room to pedestrians

Or the suspect slowing way down to talk on his cell phone to crisis negotiators (after all, over a quarter of all accidents occurred while the driver was on his or her cell phone). He even turned on his hazard lights. He talked to them for over an hour, crawling along the interstate.

This car chase began when police pulled over a white car in Fort Worth, Texas, in connection with a narcotics investigation. The female driver exited the car and was cooperating with police, but 42-year-old Joe Gonzales, who was in the passenger seat, had other plans. He jumped over into the driver’s seat and took off.

Eventually, though, the chase needed to end. Since an early attempt to use a spike strip to pop Gonzales’ tires failed (the suspect’s vehicle got too close to the officer for it to be safe for him to deploy it), the police decided to just go full-bore, and had a SWAT armored car ram him.

Gonzales being hit by a SWAT armored car

Police found a “considerable amount” of methamphetamine in his car. Watch the local NBC coverage here.

Side note: There is an internal investigation ongoing for the SWAT team member who appeared to have struck Gonzales with his weapon.

News Source: NBCDFW