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Suspected Car Thief Leaves Wallet in Stolen Car

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Pictured: Something actually important, apparently

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t remember where you put something, and then police show up and take you to jail?

Well, that was basically what happened to Ramando Givens of West Palm Beach, Florida, when police arrested him on charges of burglary and grand theft auto after finding a fingerprint and Givens’ wallet in a stolen SUV.

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On May 30th, a surveillance video recorded a man walking up to a red 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe in an employee parking lot. The video doesn’t show the man getting in, but it doesn’t show anyone else in the vicinity before the SUV sped away.

Authorities tracked the SUV down using its GPS system (which is pretty handy for them), and found it without a driver (less handy).

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However, what they did find was a black wallet in the driver’s seat that contained both Ramando Givens’ driver’s license and his Social Security card (which is, frankly, really handy).

Givens was taken to Palm Beach County Jail on $8,000 bail. No word yet on how he will handle that charge, given the probable identity theft from carrying his Social Security card in his wallet.