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Swiss Mother-Son Duo Gets Speeding Ticket, Crashes Car at Nürburging

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Sometimes, moms just take being the “cool mom” too far, going overboard to the point of being dangerous. This is exactly what one Swiss mother did earlier this week.
Cool Mom

The mother decided it was a great idea to take her son to the last open tourist drive of the year at the Nürburging. Needless to say, it wasn’t.

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This perfect day of mother-son bonding started out on the right foot, when the duo got pulled over doing 133 miles per hour in an 80 mph zone on the way to the track. They received a ticket on the A61 autobahn that consists of a €1260 ($1341) fine and a potential three-month driving ban from Germany.

As if she wasn’t already proud enough of her 16-yr-old son after the speeding ticket, the mother in the duo decided it was a-okay for her kid to take her flashy Chrysler Crossfire out on Nürburging for a number of laps. While we don’t know exactly how many laps the son completed in total, we do know that he eventually crashed his good ole mom’s car Kallenhardt while she was chilling in the parking lot like the good mothers do.

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Needless to say, the 16-year-old didn’t have a valid driver’s license. Looks like his mom went the extra mile for her son and bought the laps for him, giving him the opportunity for a joy ride of a lifetime.

Lucky for us, Bridge to Gantry managed to find a few clips of the teen enjoying his Nürburging experience. You can catch the Crossfire barely making a curve at 1:12:

VIDEO: Teen Driver Crashes at Nürburging

And here’s another shot of the Crossfire actually going over the line and almost off the road (starts at 5:30):

VIDEO: Nürburging is not for Teens

News Source: Bridge to Gantry