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Switch Gears on a Mindless Commute

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For most people, their daily commute is just a mindless grind.

But, by incorporating the tips below from Fitsugar writer, Jaime Young, the daily commute can be transformed from something to dread into something to enjoy:

  • Counteract the tension of traffic by turning your audio system to music that is mellow rather than heart pounding. Or, forget about beats altogether and opt for the spoken word instead. Your favorite news station will keep your brain engaged while an audiobook of the newest bestseller or your favorite classic will keep you entertained.
  • Call a friend or loved one (using a hands-free device only) for a lovely chat. Sometimes hearing a kind word from a familiar voice is the best way to erase the tension of the day and the drive.

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The daily commute can be more than just the path to and from work; it can be a path to reach personal and professional goals. Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, suggests adopting these morning commute practices of successful people to improve the quality of your daily travels:

  • Share the burden of a commute by carpooling with a friend, co-worker, or mentor. If you choose a colleague or mentor, spend time brainstorming issues or ideas. If you choose a friend or a loved one, take the time to reconnect.
  • Hands-free language programs can turn a commute into a classroom, and with each drive, you’ll be closer to mastering a new language.

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  • Use your commute to drive out the nerves of public speaking; rehearse your presentation on your way into work and you’ll be jitter-free come presentation time.
  • If possible, exchange drive time for bike time for a morning blast of cardio. If that is unrealistic, try parking a little farther from the office, so you can get in some steps before work.

With these tips from Young and Vanderkam, your commute has the potential to go from mindless to mindful before you even step on the gas.

News Source: Health, Huffington Post