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Take a Joyride in Jude Law’s Lexus RX

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Jude Law Lexus

It’s always a bit of a gamble when you give your car to a valet to park. Will your car come back safe and sound, or will there be a few more miles on the odometer? Lexus Europe’s new commercial, dubbed “Lexus Life RX”, shows how different your life can be when you drive a Lexus. More specifically, it shows you how different life is when you’re a valet who takes actor Jude Law’s Lexus RX for a joyride.

The commercial opens on Jude Law dropping off the keys to his prized Lexus with a hotel valet. The commercial is filmed so that it is in the point of view of the valet, so that means that Mr. Law looks straight into your eyes and falls madly in love as he passes the keys. It’s almost as if he knows what’s going to happen next.

The valet driver then hops into the luxury SUV, starts the engine (with a simple push of the button, of course), and hits the road. Check out the commercial below to see the valet’s fantastic night in the Lexus Life.

Talk about a wild night. For the record, I like this commercial, but it’s a bit disconcerting how easily the valet slips into Jude Law’s life and no one seems to question it. I’ll give the paparazzi outside of the mansion a pass for taking the valet’s photo (anytime a vehicle pulls up to a celebrity home they would want to know who it is), but the gathering at the table should have questioned who this strange man was eating their oysters. It gets even nuttier as a director hands the valet a script to a film and red carpet attendees ask for his autograph.

Lexus Life RX 7

The script is for a film called Glorious Rage, which sounds like a reaction Jude Law will have when he realizes this happened.

The valet and the audience attend a multitude of events that are typical in the life of someone rich and famous. From fashion shows, to high-profile sporting events, to red carpet parties, the valet sees it all. He even attends an underground concert and takes the mic for a song, making the crowd go wild.

Lexus Life RX 3

I now want to go to a party where the doorman is accompanied by a monkey on his shoulder

Of course, the valet returns to the hotel right on time for Jude Law to pick up his car. The actor looks at his watch as if to acknowledge how punctual the valet is, and when Law passes the valet’s forgotten red coat back to him through the window, the smile on his face confirms that he knows exactly what happened after he dropped the car off.

Jude Law Lexus 3

He ain’t even mad

If you want to learn more about the thought process behind this commercial, check out the Lexus behind the scenes video.

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