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Take Nissan Everywhere With Its Credit Card

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New Nissan credit card programThe myriad of brands in the automotive industry are known to inspire devotion from its drivers. You just have to look at the memorabilia available for our classic manufacturers to know that this is true. Nissan is looking to reward its most devoted followers with much more than shiny logo-covered merchandise, however. The automaker announced this month that it will begin issuing Visa co-branded credit cards to those who qualify with rewards Nissan drivers of all stripes will appreciate.

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The credit card program created with the partnership of Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (NMAC) and Synchrony Financial will let Nissan owners accumulate points with everyday purchases to go towards Nissan purchases. The points can be accumulated and used towards something as big as a car, or for other automotive needs such as routine service. Owners of the Nissan GT-R and other more performance-geared cars will be happy to know that points can also be used to purchase car accessories to make their cars better than ever. Finally, the points can also be turned into cash back, perfect for paying for gas for a fun road trip.

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According to the press release from Nissan, holders of the Nissan card will earn five points on every dollar spent on gas and purchases at Nissan dealerships, three points for every dollar spent dining, and one point for each dollar spent anywhere else. If you are interested in adding this car do your wallet, visit a Nissan dealer in the United States. An application is also available on the Nissan website if you are ready to apply now.