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Tech 101: Cadillac’s IntelliBeam System

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The folks at GM Authority just ran a feature spotlight on Cadillac’s IntelliBeam system, which is the answer to forgetful drivers’ high beam conundrum. It’s easy to know that you need your high beams on when it’s really hard to see, but sometimes it’s not so easy to remember to turn them off when you approach another vehicle. Cadillac’s IntelliBeam system, which is available on every Cadillac currently offered, is there to help.

Cadillac’s IntelliBeam system is available on the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe.

Cadillac’s IntelliBeam system is available on the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe.

The system is just another example of vehicle intelligence and what it can do. The Cadillac will sense when high beams are called for and turn them on automatically. But then the car can also sense when surrounding traffic conditions call for them to be turned off, and does just that.

So what situations call for the high beams to be turned off? There are quite a few. Cadillac’s IntelliBeam system will turn off the high beams if it senses headlights from oncoming traffic or taillights from traffic ahead of the car. The high beams will also only turn on if the car exceeds 25 mph and will turn off when the vehicle’s speed dips below 12 mph. The system also turns off the lights if it is bright outside (go figure), if the turn signal lever is moved forward to the high-beam position, or if the driver has selected the Flash-to-Pass feature.

The newest Cadillacs are defined not just by their luxury but also by their innovative technology. It is hoped that styling and tech features such as the high beam system will be enough to position Caddy with the bad boys from Germany, like Mercedes and BMW, but that remains to be seen.

Thanks to GM Authority for the tip!

News Source: GM Authority