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Technology Roundup: Chevy’s Crash Avoidance Technologies

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Automakers are always working to make their vehicles safer in the event of a crash (the during and after), but more and more, they are also working to prevent crashes all together (the before). Chevy’s crash avoidance technologies, for example, are the result of this work, and are actively working to make roadways safer.

“The best kind of safety protection we can offer are customer-focused features that help drivers avoid the crash altogether, and which are kept turned on for every trip,” explained Raymond J. Kiefer, General Motors Active Safety Technical Fellow. Kiefer and his team were responsible for the patented “Safety Alert Seat,” which vibrates the seat for hearing-impaired drivers to direct their attention toward a possible crash. The seat is available on the Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoe.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 25% of all police-reported car accidents are rear-end collisions, which are the kinds most often prevented by Chevy’s crash avoidance technologies and the technologies of other automakers.

So tell me about some of Chevy’s crash avoidance technologies.

Why, certainly. Chevy has a number of active safety technologies, which include the following:

Chevy’s Crash Avoidance Technologies

Chevy’s crash avoidance technologies

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: While it functions like your typical cruise control, it automatically accelerates and brakes when you are behind a vehicle, to maintain a safe speed and following distance, using a front radar
  • Forward Collision Alert: Like the name says, this technology uses a front radar and/or camera to alert the driver if a crash ahead is imminent.
  • Front Automatic Braking: Using front radar, this system will apply the brake if a crash situation is detected ahead, if the driver does not respond quickly enough. At low speeds, the crash could be avoided. At high speeds, the severity of the crash could be reduced.
  • Lane Departure Warning: With the help of the front camera, this system will alert the driver if he or she is unintentionally (or without signal) changing lanes at faster than 35 mph.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: When a driver is in reverse, this technology will sound off if a car is approaching from the side, making it very helpful when backing out in a parking lot. The system uses the rear camera.
  • Rear Vision Camera: This camera allows drivers to see what is behind his or her car when backing up.
  • Side Blind Zone Alert: This technology combats the pesky blind zones, alerting the driver if a car is in a blind spot, using two rear corner radars.

Remember, neither Chevy’s crash avoidance technologies nor any advanced safety features from any automaker is a replacement for focused and intelligent driving. You, the driver, must remain ever vigilant behind the wheel at all times.