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Ten Things You Should Keep in Your Car

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Things You Should Keep in Your CarSummer is fading fast and autumn is on its way in, but there is no designated time in which an emergency situation can occur.  Emergencies can happen anywhere and anytime, so it’s important to always be prepared whether you were a Scout or not.  That being said, here is a list of ten of the most important items to have handy in your vehicle for every season.

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  • License/Insurance Information/Vehicle Registration – Essential for accidents and usually required by law
  • Warm and Waterproof Clothing – Have these handy for inclement weather.  Sudden temperature drops are easily counteracted by a well-placed hoodie or jacket, and rain can be beaten back with a poncho or raincoat.
  • Food and Water – Should you find yourself stranded somewhere for a while, keeping yourself hydrated and nourished becomes important.  Keep plenty of bottled water packed up in the trunk alongside various nonperishable food items such as energy bars, nuts, and jerky.
  • Tire Repair Kit/Spare/Air Gauge – Tires are important to getting you safely to and from your destination, so ensuring that you have the means to fix or replace a flat on the go is of the utmost importance to preventing getting stuck going nowhere.
  • Flashlight and Spare Batteries – A flashlight will come in handy should you need to investigate during a late-night breakdown or flag down other motorists, and spare batteries will ensure that you are never without that necessary light.
  • Cell Phone Charger/Fully-Charged Spare Cell Phone/Spare Cell Phone Battery – Characters in horror movies always seem to find themselves without the use of their phones.  Don’t be that person: have a means to charge your cell phone and, should your phone die, have a spare handy just in case that sound from the house across the road was in fact not just the wind.
  • Jumper Cables – Easier than carrying a spare battery around, and a good way to get moving again if you find yourself sidelined by a dead battery
  • First-Aid Kit – Because you never know when bandages, aspirin, gauze, or anti-bacterial ointment could come in handy.  These little live savers are just that: life savers.
  • Tool Kit – Have a small Craftsman or Channel Lock set of wrenches, a roll of duct tape, an industrial strength adhesive, a Swiss Army knife, and a crowbar handy among other things.
  • Spare Cash – When emergency situations occur, you might find yourself needing to get some gas or grab a room for the night somewhere.  A spare wad of bills in a discrete location could be just the thing you need to get out of a jam.

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