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Texas Chevrolet Dealer Pays it Forward Every Week

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Atzenhoffer Chevy Pay it Forward Truck

The Atzenhoffer Chevy Pay it Forward Truck

A Chevrolet dealership in Victoria, Texas, has been on a unique mission for the last several months: they’ve been enacting a “Pay it Forward” campaign that involves giving residents one hour to determine the charitable cause to which they’d most like to give $300.

Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac has held a Pay it Forward Day every Thursday since December 4th, 2014. Over the course of 10 weeks, a 2015 Silverado with an impossible-to-miss red and blue livery has driven around Victoria seeking out strangers. With each stop, a dealership rep holds up a sign advertising the opportunity not to win but to give away $300.

The first person to take the offer is given one hour to give away $300 to an organization of their choosing while a camera crew from the KAVU Newscenter 25 records their efforts for a spot on the evening news.

The recipients of Atzenhoffer’s $300 donation have covered various focuses. The first participant, Ruben Martinez, gave his money to Toys for Tots. Doug Jiles took his $300 and split it up in the form of $20 Walmart gift cards to give to random strangers at the store. The most recent recipient, Mike McCreight, gave his $300 to Adopt-a-Pet.

“We are excited to start something great in our community. We always want to give back, but we decided to let the community decide exactly how we do that,” said Tommy Taylor, General Manager, Atzenhoffer Chevrolet.

To see reports from each installment of Newscenter 25 and Atzenhoffer Chevrolet Cadillac’s Pay it Forward campaign, visit the Atzenhoffer Chevy Cadillac blog.