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“That’s Not a Buick!” Ads Are Scientifically Awesome

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Confused woman can't find the Buick in the “That’s Not a Buick!” ad

Confused woman can’t find the Buick in the “That’s Not a Buick!” ad

No doubt that you’ve seen one of those “That’s Not a Buick!” ads that have been floating around the digital world since this past spring. And, believe it or not, you probably also enjoyed them, because science says so.

If, for some reason you haven’t seen any of the ads, check one out before reading any further:

Funny stuff, right? Looks like you enjoyed yourself there, eh? Yeah, we knew you would. Again, because science says so.

Apparently, a Boston research firm, Innerscope Research Inc., utilized “consumer neuroscience” to figure out just how effective one of the 30-second “That’s Not a Buick!” ads is, compared to some other ads. Turns out, the ad generated “one of the highest overall levels of emotional engagement” that the company has ever seen.

So how did they determine this? By reading the 50 volunteers’ “biometric signals,” which include things like heart rate and breathing patterns, to figure out just how a person is being affected by the ad.

So what are your thoughts? Was the firm’s assessment accurate to your own experience, or did you have a different reaction?

News Source: Automotive News (sub. req.)