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That’s One Obese Piggybank: Man Pays for Car Mostly in Change

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When you work as a cashier, your first thought when someone comes up to the counter with a jar full of change is, “Oh, no.”

Now imagine that, instead of paying for a frozen pizza all in change, they were buying something way more expensive, like, say, a car.

Signing for car

By the way, do you guys have a cart? You’re going to want one

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This was the nightmare of employees in a Shenyang car dealership, when a man named Gan paid for his new 680,000-yuan vehicle using 660,000 yuan in coins and 20,000 in banknotes.

The money weighed around four tons. Gan had brought it all in the back of a truck.

But where did he get the equivalent of $106,464.49 USD in change (the total plus the bank notes is over $109,000)?

Yuan Coins

That is a lot of finely grated Cheddar
Photo: 11×16 Design Studio

Well, it turns out that Gan worked at a nearby gas station and just collected the coins from buses that stopped to refuel. Since there were very few banks in the area, he just kind of kept it all until he had a stack over 13 feet high.

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According to the Liaoshen Evening News, it took more than 10 staff members working for over an hour to move the stacks from the truck to the store.