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The 5 Best Car Pranks for April Fools’ Day

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April Fools’ Day is right around the corner and I may or may not already have some things planned for my coworkers. If you’re a jokester like me, then you’ll appreciate any helpful ideas for pranking your friends (or enemies). In order to fulfill my comedic duty, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best harmless car pranks (because I’m not trying to pay for that damage–I’ve got bills to pay).

1. Fill it up

If you have access to someone’s car keys, then this prank is perfect for you. Back in December of 2014, Jimmy Kimmel shared a clip of his prank war with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt, where the couple wrapped his car with gift wrapping and filled it with ornaments. Since April Fools’ is in, well, April, you don’t have to go with a barrage of baubles. Instead, try ping pong balls, packing peanuts, balloons, or, if you’re truly evil, shredded paper. Of course, it would be just as hilarious and confusing if you did use holiday ornaments in the beginning of spring. The choice is up to you!


April Fools Day Pranks Car Dent

2. Fake apology note

This prank is perfect for those friends that are obsessive about dings and dents on their vehicle. If they’re the type that parks in the very last spot at the grocery store to avoid other car doors or carts, then definitely try this one. All you have to do is, while they’re out and about, place a note on their windshield that simply says, “Hit your car. Don’t have insurance. So sorry!” They’ll frantically start searching for the damage and end up feeling paranoid about not finding anything at all. Record the experience from afar and post it online for an instant viral video.*

*No guarantee of video becoming viral; popularity of video is determinant upon quality, authenticity, and how many people will actually think it’s funny


3. Rival sports team switch-up

Do you have a friend that has one of those personalized license plate covers that proudly displays their support for their favorite sports team? A great way to mess with your sports obsessed friend is to switch out their license plate cover with one of a rival team. Ohio State football fan? Switch it out for a University of Michigan “Go Blue” cover and wait for other OSU fans to give your friend dirty looks while they drive. Oh, the treachery! This prank could last longer than just April Fools’ Day, depending on how observant your friend is. They could end up supporting their rival up until the start of the new season!


4. What does that say?

To go along with putting hidden things on someone’s car, try placing some magnetic bumper stickers on the back of a friend’s vehicle to garner some hilarious attention from other drivers. Some fun examples include, “Honk if you have to poop,” “I park like an idiot,” or “I enjoy eating boogers.” Be sure the text is big and legible so other drivers will definitely notice the new décor. In the same realm as the rival sports team prank, you could place a bumper sticker on their car that supports someone/something your friend absolutely can’t stand; however, this will be more enjoyable for you when your friend notices the new addition(s).


April Fools Day Pranks Sticky Notes

Photo: InPhonic

5. Sticky note surprise

If only you could find some way to use those extra thousand sticky notes you have lying around your home office! Oh wait, what’s that? April Fools’ Day is in just two weeks? Well then, get those creative juices flowing and create a masterpiece in the form of covering your friend’s car with colorful adhesive paper. Make a rainbow! Put a face on the front of the car like it’s a character from Cars! The opportunities are endless with this prank and the look on your friend’s face when they get to their sticky-note covered car will be priceless. True commitment is getting access to the interior and covering that with sticky notes too. *evil laughter in the distance*


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