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The 9 Most Ironic Cars to Drive While Texting

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It’s a really bad idea to text while driving. This is partly because it’s illegal in most states, partly because it causes a higher chance of crashing than drinking and driving, and partly because, depending on what car you’re driving, you will be mocked mercilessly.

So, here’s another reason not to text while driving, especially if you drive a…

1. Ford Focus

2016 Focus RS | Ford Fiesta RS Spy Shots

Focus: aka the thing you aren’t doing.

2. Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500

This gem is a double-whammy of pun-fulness. The first half is everyone else, and the second half is the texter.

3. Dodge Charger

Dodge Charger SRT 392

Man, Dodge‘s names seem to lend themselves to unfortunate texting puns.

 4. Chevrolet Blazer

Chevrolet Blazer

Fun fact: while cars almost never actually explode, but totally can catch on fire – collisions caused over 8,000 fires between 2002 and 2005 (that’s over 5 collision fires each day).

 5. Isuzu Ascender

Isuzu Ascender

This car is especially bad if you crash it, since Isuzu only has three locations left in North America — and they only produce industrial diesel engines and commercial vehicles.

6. Isuzu Impulse

Asuna Sunfire/Isuzu Impulse

We might comfortably say that, if you’re texting while driving this car, you definitely don’t have good control over your impulses.

7. Chevrolet Nova

1986-1988 Chevrolet Nova sedan

Fun fact: The Chevy Nova sold very poorly in Mexico due to its unfortunate name, which means “No Go” in Spanish.

8. Dodge Rampage

Dodge Rampage

Photo: dave_7

Wow, Dodge, another one?

9. Dodge Ramcharger

Dodge Ramcharger

Wow, if texting while driving had been a problem when these cars were first made, we might have thought Dodge was doing this on purpose.

No matter what car you drive, please, please do not text and drive. Worse things can happen than mockery.