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The Dodge Demon Keeps It Cool with a Cooled Air Induction System

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It’ll be a cold day in Hell-cat

In the literary classic Inferno from Dante Alighieri, the Ninth Circle of Hell where Satan resides is completely frozen, quite contrary from the blazing imagery that is usually expected from good old Hades. In a similar vein, drivers might expect the Dodge Demon’s engine to constantly lean toward the warmer side, given all of its performance attributes and capabilities. However, the Demon has a secret weapon to keep things cool on the strip.

For its latest teaser, Dodge has revealed the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon’s cooled air induction system.

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In its constantly-growing list of firsts, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be the first production vehicle with a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system. That application with the very long title will allow the Dodge Demon to reach cooler air induction channels that other pressure-charged production vehicles could only dream of.

When the Demon’s Drag Mode is activated, the air conditioning system is diverted to chill the charge air cooling system of the engine. As a result, the Demon’s intake air temperature is reduced by 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Most vehicles, especially performance models, use coolant to reduce the air induction temperature as it passes through the engine. The Demon will be the first vehicle of its kind to utilize its air conditioning system in this way.

Visualizing the effects of this technology can be a bit tricky. Nevertheless, Dodge still managed to make a short teaser for this reveal, which you can view below:

With the air conditioning diverted, driving the Dodge Demon on a drag strip in the middle of the sweltering summer may not be the most comfortable experience for the driver. However, the engine powering the Demon will be just fine.