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‘The Foolproof Guide To Electric Driving’ Campaign Makes EVs Look Cool

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Joe Wilkinson Nissan LEAF UK commercial

Over in the UK, electric cars are a lot cooler than here in America. The EU has been making a big push to encourage its member nations to become friendlier to EVs, with charging stations at rest stops, EV-friendly laws, and several countries even considering an overall ban on gas car sales. Just like here in the US, though, there are still some misconceptions about how the cars work. Nissan UK assembled an impressive group of funny commercials earlier this year to make learning about EVs easy and incredibly entertaining.

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British comedian Joe Wilkinson is Nissan’s spokesman in this series of five commercials that address many consumers’ concerns about driving EVs. Dubbed “The Foolproof Guide to Electric Driving,” the adverts point out how easy and affordable it is to own a piece of cutting-edge technology.

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One commercial explains how affordable it is to charge an EV, with Wilkinson asking a bank teller for 28p because he’s splurging on a longer road trip. Next, he explains how you charge a Nissan LEAF at home while standing outside of a house, which we later learn does not belong to him after the owner chases him away. As if it was ever in doubt, Wilkinson confirms that you can get an electric car wet without being electrocuted (though you should roll up the windows to protect the interior). Wilkinson also demonstrates the Nissan LEAF’s range, and lastly explains that it is truly green, thanks to its zero emissions.

If you need a bit of a laugh, these Nissan LEAF commercials are all in good fun, and could actually educate the EV ignorant. Maybe something similar will make it to America soon.