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The ‘Grand Tour’ Logo Is A Blast From The Past

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We’ve been making fun of the latest season of Top Gear for a while here on The News Wheel, so it’s a bit refreshing to finally have something to say about the show former fans have been waiting for. Of course, we’re talking about the upcoming Grand Tour on Amazon Prime from the classic Top Gear team of Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. On Monday, the new show’s logo was leaked on Reddit when it was submitted for a European trademark registration, and today Clarkson himself tweeted it out to the world. The design to represent the new show is special, to say the least, but perhaps best for a show like this.

In the tweet, Clarkson suggests that there is nothing else to cover besides his new logo, because of course the British media doesn’t have its hands full with Brexit happenings. He also calls the media “newspapers,” so it comes as no surprise that this logo is a true blast from the past.

The logo’s orange “GT” letters make us think of older digital displays from the 80s. You know, the ones that only really survive on our digital clocks these days. Jalopnik was a bit more precise in its criticism, pinpointing the logo’s date at 1987 and remarking that “Now they’ve got themselves a logo that looks like it’s right off the back of your Mitsubishi Starion.”

When one Twitter user challenged Clarkson, saying simply that it wasn’t very stylish, Clarkson replied to say that the Grand Tour team is not stylish. We guess that makes the logo perfect, then.


News Source: Jalopnik