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‘The Grand Tour’ May or May Not Be Happy About ‘Top Gear’ Host Exit

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When Chris Evans (not that one) announced earlier this month that he was out of the top spot in the UK’s Top Gear program, everyone seemed to have an opinion (we certainly did). Once we were all done discussing it, though, we all seemed to have the same thought. What does Top Gear’s old guard think of the change?

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The previous hosts of Top Gear have been carefully quiet about the latest season of the new program, with only a small handful of vague tweets that could be about the show or about something completely different. It is unknown at this point whether it’s because the BBC was watching them like a hawk, looking for any reason to sue, or out of professional courtesy.

Shortly after Chris Evans stepped down from Top Gear due to low ratings (and possibly other reasons), James May, Richard Hammond, and Jeremy Clarkson took to the streets of the Italian town of Vicenza to film a segment for the upcoming season of The Grand Tour. Quite a crowd gathered, thanks to Clarkson announcing the shoot on Twitter the day before, and several people asked the hosts what they thought of the Chris Evans exit (Chexit? Evaxit? Too soon?).

Reportedly, James May said that he was “very chuffed” that Evans was no longer in the franchise’s driver’s seat (a claim he has since denied, but it was caught on tape and sent to The Daily Mail).* When Clarkson was asked, he refused to answer and tried to grab the camera (proving that he still hasn’t learned to not touch people).

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We’ll see if the upcoming series of The Grand Tour is enough to wipe whatever semblance of smile is still on the lips of BBC brass when it finally heads to Amazon Prime later this year.

*To our non-British readers, “chuffed” is another way to say “pleased.”


News Source: The Independent