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The GT Academy Has a New Champion

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Mexico’s Johnny Guindi Hamui crowned 2016 GT Academy International Champion

The GT Academy is a truly ambitious competition that takes the world’s best video game drivers and translates their talent into actual track wins. This year’s competition saw 35 drivers from around the world come together in the UK for a tortuous eight-day Race Camp with Nissan. Ultimately Johnny Guindi Hamui, a 22-year-old from Mexico, emerged victorious from the experience as the 2016 Nissan PlayStation® GT Academy International champion.

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In a new twist on the competition this year, the winner of the contest was decided with a 16-hour endurance race. The two best racers from each entered territory were chosen as the drivers for the team, and it was a hard battle. For the most part, the competition was between the Mexican team and the North African team, but Hamui clinched the win for Mexico by completing the fastest lap in the race.

“I can’t believe it,” said Hamui. “What I’ve just achieved is going to take a while to sink in! It’s been an unbelievable experience with some seriously tough competitors, and I’ve had the best time of my life…I can’t describe the feeling when Jann read out my name as the winner.”

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We hope that Hamui is ready to fulfill the duties of his title, because the win was announced on October 26th, and the following weekend Nissan already had him competing in an event with Nissan’s RJN Motorsport team. This is the team that Hamui will be competing with in the grueling Dubai endurance race while driving a Nissan 370Z GT4 NISMO. Being a racecar driver not an easy life, but it is certainly exciting.