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The Happy Honda Days are Upon Us [VIDEO]

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Happy Honda Days 2015 commercial

Wait… are those baguette arms?

Boy, it seems like the Happy Honda Days arrive earlier each year, doesn’t it?

It’s not even December, there are still plenty of Thanksgiving turkey leftovers sitting in the fridge, and already we’ve been inundated with commercials for Honda’s annual celebration of vehicles and consumerism. Is nothing sacred?

Ad Breaks: New tw0-minute Honda commercial created by stop-motion animator PES [VIDEO]

The Japanese automaker has released five new 30-second ads for the Happy Honda Days, each narrated by Honda spokesman Fred Savage, and each featuring an advent calendar-type wooden box that has several different compartments. Behind every door is a scene of seasonal merriment—including skiing, snowman building, and snowball fighting—always accompanied by the presence of a shiny new Honda automobile.

Take a look:

Honda News: Honda brings Ridgeline Desert Race Truck, HR-V tuner project, and more to SEMA

Believe it or not, those aren’t real miniature dwellings filled with actual Lilliputians and Lillihondas—it’s all computer trickery.

Don’t believe it? Then take a look at this behind-the-scenes video, which shows the creative process involved in making these ads, from original sketch to final computer animation rendering:

There you have it: a glimpse behind the magic of Happy Honda Days.

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