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The Internet Did Say ‘Kill It with Fire’…

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A man in Center Line, Michigan, has just proved the depth of his hatred for spiders. On September 25th, a man pulled into a gas station and got out to fill up his tank like usual. However, this time there was a spider on his gas tank.

He hates spiders.

So, taking a page from the internet comment section, he, indeed, tried to kill it with fire. He used a lighter to burn the bug off of the tank. Unfortunately, this also caused the gas pump to catch on fire.

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Thankfully, the man escaped injury and the gas station’s employees were able to stop the fire by activating the automatic gas stop button while the spider burner grabbed a fire extinguisher. The damage was mostly limited to the single pump, with the man’s car barely being singed.

As embarrassed as the man may have been that his spider phobia nearly caused a disaster, he actually showed up the next day to buy more gas (we guess he didn’t stick around to fill up the tank after the incident).

“He was sorry,” said gas station employee Susan Adams. “He was sorry, he said he didn’t know. It is just one of those things that happen – stupidity.”

Authorities would like to remind people not to put anything emitting sparks or open flames near a gas pump, even if there is a spider.

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News Source: Fox 2 Detroit