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The Next Generation of Honda Cars

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Discovering the next generation of a car brand is extremely exciting, particularly if you’re a major car enthusiast. Honda is one of the most popular Japanese car brands to date, known for its reliability and, since the introduction of the Honda Civic, it’s been hugely popular with families too. Here, we’re taking a closer look at the next generation of Honda car models and some of the more exciting future concept cars that we could see introduced, so you have a much broader option when it comes to purchasing new Honda cars for sale.

Honda NeuV teaser emotion engine

Electric Ride-Sharing Concept Car

Back in January 2017, Honda announced the NeuV concept vehicle, which is designed solely for the purpose of the ride-sharing market. The NeuV, which is an acronym for the New Electric Urban Vehicle is based around self-driving electric cars and the idea that they can be used even if you’re not looking to drive anywhere yourself. The concept behind this vehicle is that the self-driving car can be implemented as part of a ride-sharing program, where it can pick up and drop off passengers when the owner of the car isn’t interested in using the vehicle, which helps to monetize the vehicle itself for the owner’s benefit. Within this, the NeuV had a number of features, such as an automated personal assistant developed through AI technology, to help make the passenger experience even more complete.


The 2017 Honda Civic Type R goes on sale today for $33,900

The New Civic Type R

The 2017 Geneva Motor Show showed off the new, raw, and wild Honda Civic Type R, one of the most popular vehicles in the Honda range, due to the 25th birthday of this particular model. It features an upgrade on its exterior to provide more a streamlined, aerodynamic body for better high-speed stability. The new type R is said to have been completely re-engineered focusing on raw power and a race-worthy vehicle. It’s no surprise to see this excellent vehicle undergo a full upgrade and lovers of the car are certain to be lapping them up as soon as they are released onto the market.


2017 Honda Clarity

The Clarity Fuel Cell

The Clarity Fuel Cell is one of the first sedans to have a fuel cell powertrain located solely under the hood of the car. This is an exciting new adventure for Honda to take on. The Clarity was debuted at the last Geneva Motor Show and was made to help the brand move away from fossil fuels and move closer to a responsive, yet eco-friendly car. In fact, the entire concept is to provide drivers with a sedan that can be driven over 385 miles on a fill up of just 3 minutes. It is one of the most advanced technologies that Honda has ever produced. Initially, the car was introduced in Japan and then in the US, and will be available in the UK and Denmark to select customers throughout 2017.


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