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The Nissan Cocoon Concept was so 1991

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1991 Nissan Cocoon Concept

Photo: Aiden Jewell via Flickr

While looking for old Nissan concept cars, we stumbled upon this gem from 1991: the Nissan Cocoon Concept.

This bubbly wagon used sphere based design to to create a “cocoon-like feeling” for the passengers, hence the name.

It had seating for six, and each seat was individually lit from the ceiling, kind of like in an airplane. The front four seats were separated by the console with a bench in the rear.

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There was a heads-up display for the driver, which was pretty futuristic for 1991, but this concept had a pretty strange feature that we’re glad never caught on. The car had a system that sprayed a “refreshing scent” through the steering wheel when the driver was getting sleepy. What was in that spray is anyone’s guess.

When they make retro-futuristic movies about the 1990s, this wagon should be first in line for the leading role with those triangle hubcaps and futuristic steering wheel with buttons all over it.

Hopefully they would have changed the name if this thing went into production, because “Cocoon” probably wouldn’t sell very well for fear it would hatch into a giant, steel butterfly and fly away.

If you find any other weird 90s concept cars, share them in the comments below.

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